Swans and Penguins

Swans and Penguins:

The Swans and Penguins use the two pre-school rooms; they are catered for on a 1:8 ratio, to encourage their independence.

Swans and Penguins:
Children are individually supported to gain confidence and respect for themselves and others. Both individually and in groups, the children are encouraged to extend their vocabulary, using a variety of methods – stories, songs and rhymes. It is equally important that they learn to listen to others, instructions etc.

The children will become familiar with maths as staff provide a variety of counting, sorting, matching and sequencing activities. As their mathematical understanding develops, they will use this knowledge to solve problems.

In order to encourage healthy active lifestyles, we have a company called activate FUN who come to the nursery once a week, to do a fitness session with the children. There are opportunities for imaginative play individually or in a group.

The children also like to take part in music sessions – both with movement and the musical instruments. A range of safe and well maintained technological equipment – such as MP3 players, CD players, programmable toys and a computer, help the children to appreciate the world around them.

“Children behave well in the setting and play cooperatively together because staff give clear explanations and set appropriate boundaries. Older children are encouraged to put on their ‘Listening ears’ and follow simple instructions. They enjoy guessing words that rhyme, which supports their understanding of letters and sounds.” Ofsted report November 2011

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Swans and Penguins Staff

For more information on the Swans and Penguins groups, please cal us today on 01744 411 261